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Instructions to Uploading your files to your WHMCS Directory.
  1. Unpack the zip file and upload the folders to your WHMCS root directory.

Adding a new Server.

Firstly you need to have an admin user account in your Domain on the MDaemon Cloud Server.
Secondly you need to create a user in WHMCS with same user name and password as that Domain user account
This user will automatically have access API Administrator.

Follow the following steps to add a New Server:

  • Go to Setup,
  • Then Product/Services,
  • Then Servers

Add Server

  • Click Add New Server button
  • Fill following information:
    • Name:
    • HostName: (provide your MDaemon API URL)
    • IP Address: (MDaemon server IP address)
  • In server detail select “MDaemon” as the Type
  • Enter username and password you have create earlier for API admin and MDaemon admin
  • Press “Save Changes” button

Add Server


Add a server group “MDaemon Server Group”

  • Go to Setup, Product/Services, Servers
  • Press “Create New Group” button
  • Provide a Name
  • Select the server you have create in above step
  • Press “Save Changes” button

Add Server

Add Product Group and Product

  • Go to Setup, Products/Services, Products/Services
  • Press “Create a New Group” button
  • Fill Following fields and leave rest with default settings
    • Product Group Name
    • Product Group Headline
    • Product Group Tagline
  • Press “Save Changes” button

Add Server


  • Go back to go to Setup, Products/Services, Products/Services
  • Press “Create a New Product”
  • Fill Following fields
    • Product Type: Other Product/Service
    • Product Group
    • Product Name <Name>Press “Continue” button
  • You will need to mainly update “Pricing” and Module Settings” Tabs
  • You must select the server you add “MDaemon”

Add Server

You should now be set up and ready to go.

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